English language editor (freelance):
BIC Co., Ltd. is seeking English language editors specialized in the fields of medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences.
Our editors work on a freelance basis.

Job description:

The editor shall primarily edit the linguistic aspects of the given manuscript.
The editor shall refine the manuscript so that it attains the level of language quality appropriate for publication and official use.

Check spellings, punctuation, grammar, the appropriateness of usage and other mechanical/linguistic features.
Render key terminologies consistent throughout the manuscript; replace terminologies with pre-specified ones if available.
Adjust the style of the manuscript to comply with instructions for contributors to the target journal if any.
Write comments or notes on the manuscript if you find any particular points regarding the content during editing.

A perfect command of English, which must be the primary language of the applicant.
An academic degree in the field of medical, pharmaceutical or biological sciences (including miscellaneous related
     subject areas), or professional experience equivalent thereto.
Meticulous editing skills in the English language.
The applicant must have a personal computer system in which at the minimum Microsoft Office (especially Word)
     and email software are installed.
Experience as an editor in finalizing manuscripts of articles for publication written by non-native English speaking
     authors is preferred.
Proficiency in Japanese language is NOT required.

Recruitment procedure:
(1) Send your CV together with a covering letter telling us about yourself and your interest as an editor by mail or email. (When you use email for sending documents, please use password-protected Microsoft Word files. After sending the files, separately send another email giving the passwords corresponding to the files.)
(2) Upon receipt of your CV and covering letter, we will send you a test piece for editing and a questionnaire, which are to be finished and returned to us within about two weeks.
(3) We will notify you of the result (pass or fail) of the documentary and editing tests hopefully within two weeks.
(4) If you pass the tests, we will negotiate the terms and conditions.
(5) If we agree the terms and conditions, you will be registered as one of BIC's freelance editors.,